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The importance of an Education Committee for Brickell

Citizenship is more than just showing up to the voting booth. “A government of, by and for the people. . .” can only flourish and thrive through the active engagement and participation of its citizenry. At every level of government, public service is critical to “getting the people’s work done”. For many citizens this community service is manifested through their active participation on local government boards and/or committees.

The City of Miami, like most governing authorities, is both involved with and appoints interested residents to serve on numerous boards and committees. The City's Boards and Committees are comprised of a combination of community volunteers, City employees, and/or elected officials who serve in various capacities and make important decisions that benefit both the residents and businesses of Miami.

The City of Miami recognizes the need for and encourages community involvement in the policy-making process through service as a board or committee member. Most city boards are created by ordinance or resolution to provide advice and recommendations to the City Commission on matters of public concern.  

These boards and committees are a great way for locals and other city stakeholders to get more involved with your community. Citizens serve on many of these boards and committees offering their expertise and input to help address their communities needs and/or issues. Recommendations made by city boards and committees are critical to the City Commission and other city stakeholders in their decision-making process. Having a broad perspective of constituent opinions helps leaders make better decisions that benefit all the city’s residents and businesses.

Municipalities across South Florida have seen the benefits a strong board and committee structure and process can bring to their communities. In cities like Miami Beach, Doral and Coral Gables their boards and committees have used their unique role as community advocates to assure their community’s infrastructure, services and character are aligned with the needs and wishes of its residents. Leadership in the City of Miami has recently completed a thorough review of its boards and committees to help organize, reenergize and reinvigorate them to better serve the community. We look forward to the city’s announcement of the new plan for its boards and committee coming soon.

In the meantime, OUR CITY (BRICKELL) NEEDS US! BHA encourages all residents and business owners in Brickell and our surrounding Urban Core area to consider serving your community through membership on a City of Miami Board and/or Committee. 

Requirements for board or committee membership varies depending on the body. Board members should have the expertise necessary to accomplish the board’s objective. Unless otherwise specifically provided in the Charter or the Code, all members of city boards shall either be permanent residents of the city, own real property in the city, or work or maintain a business in the city; and shall have good reputations for integrity and community service. 

In addition, all board members shall demonstrate an interest in the field, activity or sphere covered by the board.  Each board shall include at least one member whose livelihood does not depend on the area regulated, administered or dealt with by the board. All board members are subject to State, County and/or City Financial Disclosure, Residency and Employment requirements. For specific membership requirements, please click here to see the full list of the City of Miami’s Boards and Committees.

Brickell needs your help to assure our areas issues and needs are always part of the conversation, “out of sight, out of mind”. One of the best ways to assure Brickell issues are addressed and to make a lasting impact on our community is to volunteer your service on a City of Miami Board and/or Committee. As the old saying goes “History is made by those who show up”. BHA urges you to “show up” for Brickell by contacting your local political official’s office to sign up for your history making community service opportunity today.

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