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The BHA is requesting that the Miami Downtown Development Authority expand the catchment area from SE 15th Road to the end of Brickell Avenue to Vizcaya and including South Miami Avenue to the west.

The following Resolution has been duly adopted by the Brickell Homeowners Association on June 10, 2019:

WHEREAS, The Miami Downtown Development Authority was created to grow, strengthen and promote the vitality of Downtown Miami; and

WHEREAS, Brickell Homeowners Association was created to promote and enhance the quality of life and vitality of the community on behalf of residents in the area and those who work, visit and enjoy the area’s amenities; and

WHEREAS, both areas have enjoyed significant growth in their residential, business and retail sectors creating a unique urban core that operates nearly 24/7; and

WHEREAS, both areas currently have some overlapping boundaries as well as many common concerns, community needs and goals; and
WHEREAS, there has been tremendous growth in the Brickell residential community in the past decade; and

WHEREAS, our community continues to grow in volume of residents and tourists and is in need of additional support that can be provided by the tax dollars that the Miami DDA receives; and 

WHEREAS, half of the Brickell community is currently in the DDA catchment area and half is excluded; and

WHEREAS, our community will greatly benefit from Miami DDA initiatives and improvements that should cover the entire Brickell and Downtown areas such as the DDA Ambassadors program operating daily; and

WHEREAS, families in Brickell are strongly in favor of having us join the DDA for its added benefits to our community such as Ambassadors and community events;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that Brickell Homeowners Association is requesting that Miami Downtown Development Authority expand its catchment area from SE 15th Road to the end of Brickell Avenue at Vizcaya including South Miami Avenue.  

WITNESS OUR HANDS of the Brickell Homeowners Association, this 10th day of June 2019.


Ernesto Cuesta, BHA President

Brickell Homeowners