Brickell Homeowners Association, Inc.
Brickell Homeowners Association



Advocating for Brickell since 1990.

The BHA is dedicated to improving quality of life for those who live, work, and play in the Brickell community. The BHA focuses on key quality of life issues such as crime prevention, traffic safety and beautification, communicating with elected leaders, government professionals, the business sector, and bringing the community together. Miami City Hall and Miami-Dade County are monitored to be certain the views of The BHA are weighed in the decision-making process.

Condominium associations in the Brickell area between Miami River and SE 26th Road make up The Brickell Homeowners Association. The BHA encompasses a relatively small geographic area — however, the area includes some 90,000+ residents with more developments being built or in the planning stages in the area and in the Central Business District to the North.

Evaluating proposed development to ensure compatibility with the neighborhood’s residential character is also an important function of the BHA. The BHA stays abreast of municipal planning and proposed zoning changes, conveying its interests to appropriate elected and appointed officials


The BHA organizes its Board meetings with speakers of immediate interest to the Brickell community. These forums help to inform and direct the work of BHA, which is accomplished through a committee structure and through BHA representation on important governmental and community groups.

The advocacy work of BHA is carried out by volunteers, therefore participation of residents is important and desired in BHA activities and programs. Residents interested in attending a meeting or becoming involved in other ways are urged to be in contact with their condominium representative. Through this structure, the matter, if needed, can be brought before the larger group. Often issues require simply linking resources or officials to find resolution, and BHA serves as an information and referral conduit.

A Representative from each of the member condominium associations holds a seat on the BHA Board of Directors. Each has a vote on the Board. Participation from an Alternate from each member is also encouraged in the event the primary rep cannot attend a meeting. Both the Representative and the Alternate, as well as the Property Manager and any other officers the member association wishes, are included on the BHA mailing list to receive notice of all meetings, events and timely developments.


The BHA has been successful in fighting for quality of life issues, and where we have not met with decided victory, we have kept vigilant so BHA views are continually in front of and on the minds of governmental staffers and elected officials. We strongly believe that our voice is best and clearly heard when we have the opportunity to share directly with our city’s leaders and officials and our meetings have provided a platform to share residents’ concerns as they arise.

To directly communicate with residents, timely topics are covered in the Association’s quarterly newsletter, BHA News, which is distributed to each household in BHA. Information of importance to Brickell neighbors is also covered on the BHA website which contains a comprehensive tracking of topics over time. This serves to help hold public officials accountable for timetables and promises and serves an important watchdog function. These major topics/issues addressed by BHA are chronicled under Our Work at snapshot level and in more depth under the ‘Advocacy’ page.


The BHA, founded in 1990, represents the Brickell community from Miami River to Rickenbacker Causeway, from Biscayne Bay on the East to SW 3rd Ave. on the West, representing thousands of residents and partnering with scores of businesses, corporations, public associations, stores, restaurants and other amenities that share the common goal of improving the quality of life for the Brickell community.