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Trees at Perricones

Over the last month, the BHA and other community organizations have received numerous concerns about the removal of trees at the old Perricones site. A circulating article stated that 3 of the live oak trees would be cut down leaving the area shadeless. Brickell residents grew concerned that the trees would not be relocated and that the Brickell canopy is slowly disappearing.

The BHA has an update from the City’s Environmental Resources Division who manages permits for the City of Miami. ”In regards to the trees located at 955 South Miami Avenue, a tree permit has been approved for the removal of three (3) hardwood trees and the relocation of two (2) hardwood trees.  The City did receive an appeal for the removals but was later withdrawn by the appellant.  All efforts were made to preserve as many trees as possible given the environmental and practical constraints of trying to adequately preserve the remaining trees.  There is proposed tree replacement to be planted back on site and the description of the tree activity is provided in the attached Intended Decision notice that was provided as a public notice.”



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