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BHA Resolution: Opposing the staging of the Ultra Music Festival on Virginia Key

Brickell Homeowners Association


Opposing the staging of the Ultra Music Festival on Virginia Key

The following Resolution has been adopted by Brickell Homeowners Association on April 8, 2019:

WHEREAS Brickell Homeowners Association (BHA) was founded 29 years ago to represent people living and working in the community including some 75,000 residents from the Miami River to the Rickenbacker Causeway and on Brickell Key; and

WHEREAS Brickell Homeowners Association has long advocated for quality of life for all Miamians; and

WHEREAS, the City of Miami is considering entering into a long-term agreement with the Event Entertainment Group, Inc. to stage their Ultra Music Festival on Virginia Beach again in March 2020 and annually thereafter; and

WHEREAS, this location proved in the March 2019 Ultra staging to be fraught with logistical access and traffic issues with only a single artery to Virginia Beach; and

WHEREAS, the noise level from the Ultra Music Festival was disturbing to Brickell residents young and old alike who were kept awake by the noise and commotion of the crowds until 3:00, 4:00 and 5:00 in the morning; and

WHEREAS, noise and loud music traveling over Biscayne Bay and up condo corridors from the key was extremely disturbing for Brickell homeowners as well as other neighborhoods along the Bay; and

WHEREAS, Virginia Beach is home to an environmentally sensitive habitat that should not be by tens of thousands of festival-goers;

THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Brickell Homeowners Association of the City of Miami, Florida, to urge:

The City of Miami to revoke and not renew the license agreement with Event Entertainment Group for the Ultra Music Festival so that it is not held on Virginia Key.

WITNESS OUR HANDS of the Brickell Homeowners Association, this 8th day of April 2019.


Ernesto Cuesta, President

Brickell Homeowners