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Local Authority Over Short-Term Rentals, Essential for Condo Associations Everywhere

Brickell Homeowners Association was founded in 1990 to protect and safeguard the quality of living for the Brickell community. To this day our mission remains unchanged as we advocate on behalf of the membership of BHA to protect and enhance our neighborhood’s quality of life. Our membership represents 35+ condo associations and the thousands of homeowners within their units.

BHA opposes any bill that would give up local authority, including that of our condo associations, to determine allowance or prohibition of short-term vacation rentals. We have only heard opposition to bills that take away local authority. Chief concerns are safety and quality of life issues.

Condominiums are homes with residents known to the management of the building and to fellow residents. They are not hotels with unknown visitors coming and going at all hours and without any oversight.

Short-term renters are not properly background-checked or pre-screened in any way to granted access to the private domains of homeowners. Condo Associations run background checks and check references of all incoming residents to ensure that the safety of the building and its occupants is not compromised. People choose condo living to be assured that that their environment is managed and safeguarded.

Voice your concerns by emailing Representative Nicolas Duran and his staff

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