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An opportunity to learn from key stakeholders in or for the Brickell community and how they help to improve the quality of life for people like you. Hear their perspective and get to know their passion and leadership for Brickell.

Commander Antonio Diaz

Commander Antonio Diaz

As a young boy, Commander Diaz would watch Miami Vice and with every episode became inspired to serve the community by becoming a police officer. At just 14 years old, Antonio joined the Miami Police Explorers and began his journey to become Miami’s Finest. Fresh out of high school he attended Florida International University and majored in Criminal Justice. Over the years the now commander climbed up the police ranks to the point where he is today. Over a cup of coffee, we asked him a few questions to give you an inside look into the heart of our very own Commander Antonio Diaz.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m from Miami; born, bred and raised! I was born in Hialeah and raised in Little Havana. My family immigrated from Cuban American Miami 1960’s.

I have a beautiful daughter and fiancée.

Describe what a typical day looks like for you?

That’s a very complex question… Usually my mornings start at 6am and I read and observe trends of crime in my area as this helps me gather perspective to then address it with my team. We work hard and by nightfall I make it home for dinner and to tuck in my baby girl.

What are current areas of concern for Brickell?

Currently, traffic is the highest area of concern as crime is at an all time low. In 2018 we ended the year with -11% crime rate, take into consideration that the population is increasing and crime is decreasing.

What are some of the most prominent ongoing challenges of our community?

As mentioned, traffic, homelessness, and construction.

When it comes to homelessness, we aim to help people get off the streets and into a rehabilitation program. The goal here is to find a solution that is a win-win for all involved.

For construction, we aim to help enforce noise ordinances but also Ensure that doesn’t impose on traffic. We created a construction task force to help combat this issue and we meet monthly with police and contractors to ensure everyone knows the law and obeys the law by educating them.

We have an amazing team of qualified police officers who work diligently to make sure our streets are safe. Internally we have a 15 page manual where officers learn about Brickell expectations, duties and the overall quality of life for our area. However, we can’t do this alone and we need the support of our community. When we work together we will do greater things.

What would be your message to Brickell?

I want my community to know that I care about them and that I need them more than they need me.


Commander Diaz has a passion for our community, to serve, and a heart bent towards leadership. He’s been in service for 34 years and his impact has been immeasurable! Most days you can find him on the streets of Brickell serving and attending his team. If you see them around be sure to encourage them as they do a wonderful job making Brickell a safe place to live. Thank you Commander Antonio Diaz!

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